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Pre-Season Run In...
Written by Keith Ball   
Thursday, 18 March 2010

The season is not far away now! We've been playing Turbo Touch every Tuesday to get us into the season and it's been great to see how much players have put in! If we keep up this effort we're sure to have a successful season.

Thanks to everyone that managed to make it down on Sunday to Munich's St Patrick's Day Parade. It was a great day for the club, and we used to it's fullest to promote the club!


We're not far away from switching to mid-week training. Keep an eye on the forum to see when trainings will start!

Touch Muenchen Awards 2009
Written by Keith Ball   
Monday, 07 December 2009

The Touch Muenchen Awards for 2009 were awarded at the touch christmas party. Congratulations to the winners.

Players Player (Female)


Amanda Currie

Players Player (Male)


Simon Chenery

Best Newcomer (Female)


Christina Stanislawski

Best Newcomer (Male)


Andrew Strachan

German Champions 2009
Contributed by Lok Man Ho   
Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Munich went to Bonn on the weekend and claimed the title of German Champions. It was a great day for the club, thanks to everyone who has put in effort this year on and off the field. It really was a club effort to get this success. We'll have to try doubly hard next year as we're now the team to beat!


On Saturday morning the Munich team was the first to arrive on the playing fields. It was a serene setting with the odd jogger running along the path along the Rhein, with a bit of mist and chill still hanging in the air. As the last teams filed onto the fields, the Muenchners were finishing the tent construction and started to warm up. The sun was shining, but the grounds were hard, unforgiving, wet and slippery. We needed to concentrate if we wanted to come away with the coveted DM trophy that the club had been waiting for.

Munich had their famously slow start again against the Colonia team. The attack was undisciplined, the drives did not click, and the defence was quiet and still not fully awake. Colonia scored their first touchdown by executing a good switch after a confusion between the middles. We were glad that half time came, where we could calm the nerves down a little. That had the desired effect and with an improved second half, the Muencheners had won their first match against their most consistent rivals convincingly with 6-2.

Frankfurt, with a heavily depleted side, provided some training where we ran up a score in the double figures. The next match against the Ruthen school kids would prove to be a test of fitness and team work. The kids were very swift, and with 4-5 boys on the field we had to pay attention to make sure they did not have the space to run. Compared to what we saw in the Bavarian Open a month ago, this was a much improved and more dangerous outfit led by the teacher Lars. In the end there were no problems, with Munich winning 7-2.

When Berlin beat Colonia convincingly in the pool game (of course, with the help of our players Randy and Karim!), it became clear that we would have to play Berlin twice - once in the remaining pool game, once in the final. In the pool game, trainer Keith Ball got creative and turned the team inside out - basically centres to the wing and vice versa. This would provide a rare opportunity for the girls and newer players to play a tournament in the middle positions, where much of the action takes place. After a slightly nervous start and with some tips from the wingers, our new centres and links took to the task with aplomb. With a final score of 6-1, we seriously considered keeping this as our permanent configuration! Well done!

For the final we went back to our tried and true combinations with a hard driving centre attack, and a defence that knew each other and was by now talking fluently in the same language again. Berlin played very well - when they got close enough to our try line, with the ball in the hands of Rob, Jordi or Randy, they looked very dangerous. Fortunately we held onto the ball for long enough and defended tightly enough to keep them to just one touchdown (which Karim scored! Well done!). The second half Munich attack looked like that of a true champion team, and with the 14 best players of the day, we expected nothing less!

When the final whistle was blown, the feeling was a mixture of elation and relief for many team members. The Deutsche Meisterschaft trophy is Munich's at last!

A word about the tournament organisation. A group of proactive volunteers from Munich (with good contacts) managed to relocate and organise the German Championships to Bonn at the last minute. While there are many that contributed, we have to especially thank Bob and Kate for their efforts, otherwise we might not have had a tournament at all. Well done.

The scores on Saturday:

League Stage
Muc vs Colonia 6-2
Muc vs Frankfurt 12-1
Muc vs Ruthen 7-2
Muc vs Berlin 6-1

The Final
Muc vs Berlin 5-1

Bavarian Open 2009 - Results
Written by Keith Ball   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Bavarian Open came to a happy conclusion for Touch Muenchen with a good 4-2 victory in the final against Köln. The second team of Muenchen (The Weisswursts) can also be proud of themselves as they beat German rivals Berlin (2-0) and Frankfurt (4-2). A great day for the club and everyone associated with it.

Congratulations to Lok Man Ho on becoming a level 2 referee. Andrew Strachen and Keith Ball also achieved their level 1 certification on the day.


Full results from the tournament can be found here: PDF Download

Thanks to Karim for another excellent video...

4x4 Sausagefest
Written by Lok Man Ho   
Monday, 20 July 2009

Touch Rugby isn't all about training and travelling and playing in inter-club tournaments, which may be the impression that this website gives. There's a fun and relaxed side to it all too, and today we held a little fun tournament within the club at the English Garden, named "Sausagefest Trophy". The name always managed to raise eyebrows when mentioned to friends and family, although it's well understood within the club. The tournament involves playing short 4-a-side matches, with the emphasis on involving newbies and fun, creative play. Everybody woke up a little earlier than usual to make it to the 10 a.m. start, but for a completely empty field, free for our pitch markings, it was worth it. Even the weather gods cooperated, other than a light drizzle there was none of the thunderstorms from the last few days.

One team was the stand-out in terms of team uniform design. The "Craig David Appreciation Society" turned out in an eye-searing pink outfit which made them unmistakable. But at the end of the round robin matches it was the yellow "Mutts" that were on top of the table, followed by the young guns in "The Kittel". The final was going to be a classic battle of the old hares against the young pretenders. Who will triumph? In third place was "", which was a remarkable achievement given that Andrew was still teaching his team the rules at ten o'clock, and fourth was the "Barbarian Horde" that started the day with two players and gradually built up to its full strength as its team members woke from the Sunday slumber. In fifth place was the pink CDAS who admitted to a below average performance today, and Lok Man's green "Bio Buccaneers" with several fresh new faces rounded out the field.

The battle for the wooden Brotzeitbrett, like many of the other games, was a tight affair. The 14 minute match ended with 4-2 to the CDAS, which means the the Bio Bucanneers took out the last place honours. With a default in the 3rd - 4th place playoff, all eyes were on the field for the business end of the day, the dominant undefeated "Mutts" against "The Kittel", who has been reinforced by some more experienced rugby players by now. It was down to the wire and referee Mully made some crucial decisions on the way to the 4-4 full time score. After a few minutes of sudden death over time, an offside call and a subsequent touchdown in the corner by the Mutts was enough to give the victory in the inaugural Touch Muenchen Sausagefest Trophy. Congratulations! A great achievement from the new boys from The Kittel as well.

The prizes were all food related, with the captain of the winning team, Sabrina, receiving a garland of ... sausages, fresh from the butchers.

With the success of this event, the planning of the next 4-on-4 event is on the horizon. Watch the forum for announcements!

P.S. Thanks to Karim for the awesome video.

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