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Touch Muenchen Awards 2011
Written by Keith Ball   
Sunday, 04 December 2011

The Touch Muenchen Awards for 2011 were awarded at the touch christmas party. Congratulations to the winners.

Players Player (Female)


Lena Graser

Players Player (Male)

Shanon Tau

Other Awards

Best Newcomer (Female)
Verena Wimmer

Best Newcomer (Male)


Andreas Weissl

Coach's most improved
Amanda Currie

This is just a phot of max...



Touch Muenchen - Runners up in Italy!
Written by Keith Ball   
Monday, 26 September 2011

The Wolpertingers came second in the weekends European Club Championships! Losing 6-4 in a close final to London Galaxy after being 3-2 up at half time. We'll get them next time guys!

Beck scores against Tiki Touch

Pool games:
München 10 vs Bandiga Rovigo 3
München 8 vs Modena 2
München 7 vs Zurich 4
München 13 vs Tiki 3

Qtr Final:
München 9 vs Orange 0

Semi Final:
München 11 vs Bandiga Rovigo 2

München 4 vs Galaxy 6
London Galaxy and Touch Muenchen

4-on-4 league - Congratulations to the Münchner Kindl
Written by Lok Man Ho   
Friday, 16 September 2011

On Tuesday night, the 4-on-4 touch league reached its climax with the finals matches taking place. In the semi final, "Dragging down the average" beat "Kiss my grass again" in a thrilling see-sawing match, finishing with a score of 8-5. Randy and Nomis led the way for the "Average", while the depleted KMGA starred Christina and Mel playing the whole match, gallantly closing to 5-4 at one stage. After a 10 minute break the "Average" took on the Münchner Kindl, who finished at the top of the league table and earned a direct entry into the grand final. This turned out to be a low scoring affair, with Münchner Kindl often holding the advantage but unable to control the final passes to convert it into points, while DDTA scrambled hard in defence to hang on. When the Kindl scored in the second half to take a 2-1 lead, the game looked like it was over until a late surprise touchdown by DDTA took the match into a sudden death overtime situation. Once it dropped down to 3 players, the Kindl squandered a great chance when Lena dropped a long ball under pressure from Nomis. DDTA was however unable to capitalise and the Kindl, with fresher and faster legs, scored on the next set of six to seal a memorable win.

Münchner Kindl

Congratulations to the Münchner Kindl, the Touch München 4-on-4 league champions in 2011.

Thank you to all those who took part in the competition, especially the team managers. With the Euros taking place later in 2012, we hope to run a single longer competition through the summer. It would be great if we can increase the number of regular players in the competition, such that we can have more teams or hold longer matches. Start thinking about which one of your athletically gifted friends you would like to in your team for the next season, and sign them up to your team before you introduce them to the sport of touch! :)

Touch Muenchen win the Plate in Budapest
Written by Keith Ball   
Sunday, 28 August 2011

Touch Muenchen won the plate in the weekends Budapest tournament. Munich played 6 games in total, winning 4, drawing 1 and losing only once to a strong Vienna team. It was a great day of touch all round.

Budapest Sqaud

Bavarian Open Success 1st and 3rd!!
Written by Keith Ball   
Monday, 15 August 2011

Congratulations to both the Weisswurts and the Wolpertingers for a successful Bavarian Open.

Wolpertinger’s results

vs Weisswurst – 8 : 1 (win)
vs Köln / Heidelberg – 7 : 0 (win)
vs Zürich – 10 : 3 (win)

vs Weisswurst – 10 : 3 (win)

vs Köln / Heidelberg – 4 : 1 (win)

Weisswurt’s results

vs Wolpertingers – 1 : 8 (lost)
vs Zürich – 1 : 4 (lost)
vs Köln / Heidelberg – 1 : 7 (lost)

vs Wolpertingers – 3 : 10 (lost)

¾ Play-off
vs Zürich – 6 : 5 (won)

Congratulations to Simon Chenery for winning the Players Player for the Wolpertingers and Andreas Weißl for the Weisswursts

Players Player

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