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4x4 League - Week 4 Print E-mail
Written by Lok Man Ho   
Friday, 17 September 2010

Match Reports

This week saw the first matches of the teams playing each other for the second time. The standards of play was high again, but it was characterised this time by good defence and missed opportunities. The Hebrews, with only 4 players, did a sterling job to keep up with the fancied top-of-the-table Mexicans, losing 4-3 in the end. Shannon grounded the ball over the dead ball line, and there were a couple of contentious calls from the referees as well. All in all it was another quality game that was great for the spectators too.

The second match between The Fish and the bottom of the table White Elephants produced a surprise result. After a scintillating performance in a cracking match against The Mexicans last week, it was left to first time player Andrew Strachan to carry the team over the line with two touchdowns. But that wasn't enough as the White Elephants rallied after half time to draw 4-4 after a 3-1 half time deficit, having the ascendancy towards the end as well. Flo stared again for the Elephants with three touchdowns.

The league table remain unchanged, with The Mexicans extending their lead over The Fish with 10 points to 7, while the Hebrews have 2 and the White Elephants are finally off the mark with 1. The Mexicans are already in the grand final, but the second spot is still up for grabs!

Jonathan Mullender leads the top touchdown scorers table with 10 touchdowns, with Duncan following closely behind with 10 and Max not far behind either. Lokers has pulled away on the leaderboard of the woeful passes category, with some 8 passes going to ground this week.


"The Mexicans" def. "The Hebrews" 4-3
"White Elephants" def. "The Fish" 4-4

The table is available online here: On Google Docs

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