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Vienna 2010 Print E-mail
Contributed by Lok Man Ho   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Vienna went OK, it was a good warm-up for the upcoming tournaments, most of our middles (Amanda, Nomis, Bob and I were there) are now mentally prepared for Berlin and the season! With six players from the regular squad it was a confidence booster to have managed two wins (against the two weaker Vienna teams), with competitive efforts against Brussels and Zurich. The slow-first-half-syndrome was still there, as Amanda mentioned during the course of the day, but we'll get over that soon enough! Nobody got injured, which was another positive.

It was another fun tournament by Vienna, with a total of 13 teams turning up. Berlin was very strong, they fielded a team of 11 with basically all their best players bar Jordi. They lost in the grand final against Jersey, 3-0, but it was 0-0 in the second half. It was nice to see a German team being competitive against a very slick Jersey team. Other than that, we played the Vienna no. 1 team in what was essentially the p5 v p6 play-off, and we got trounced. They were basically the Austrian mixed team though, and seemed to have trained together quite a bit and had the most disciplined defence and a solid attack, if not explosive. We lost around 5-0 against them, and never really got a look at their line.

Lokers going for the line!

We were given some pretty decent players from Vienna, there were five of them and none was really a beginner, which dispelled our fears before we arrived. Bob did a good job of getting everyone's names ingrained into our heads, and Amanda did a great job of leading the throw-together team and keeping everybody calm. She just wouldn't wear that bloody armband.

Our Team:
- Munich players: Amanda, Bob, Nomis, Lok Man, Kate M, Katrina
- Vienna players: Chrissi, Miki, Travis, Ann, Roman

Match results:
1. Munich vs. Vienna A-Team (2nd Vienna team): Win (4-3)
2. Munich vs. Brussels Untouchables (1st Brussels team): Lost (3-6)
3. Munich vs. Zurich Geezers: Lost (3-5)
4. Munich vs. Vienna Bonobos (1st Vienna Team): Lost (0-5)
5. Munich vs. Vienna ACC (3rd Vienna Team): Win (3-2)

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