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Captial Cup 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Lok Man Ho   
Monday, 08 June 2009
It is not unusual that Munich brings too many players to tournaments and allocates them to other teams as pool players. What was unusual in the Capital Cup 2009 in Berlin, however,was that the pool players were also the star players of the team which encountered Munich in the final.

With a very strong line-up of touring players we assigned our new Aussie player, Simon Haron, and also Renat to the Barbarians team, while Kim Hendrick was assigned to play for the Frankfurt team. While the Frankfurters consisted of the usual suspects, interestingly the Barbarians was made up mainly from a group of 16 year old students from close to Paderborn, and their teacher. While they were inexperienced, they surprised the competition with their intensity and undoubted speed. It was, however, down to Simon and Renat to take the lead in attack and to do the scoring. Well done.

With coach-for-the-day Keith Baxter taking down the team statistics, Munich was at its best with its simple but merciless driving attack, with. 6:1 against Leipzig, 6:0 against Berlin, 5:0 against Frankfurt, and 6:2 against Prague. The game against the Barbarians was challenging as the team was very fast, while they also secured the services of Matt from Frankfurt. Together they ran in 6 touchdowns, but Munich responded by picking up their game to outscore them with 9. To finish the pool stage, we beat Vienna 4:2, which was a good preparation for the final.

While most of the day was conducted in dry, cloudy and cool weather (perfect for sport), the heavens decided to open minutes before the final between Munich and the Barbarians. It worked in our favour as Munich concentrated and simplified the game to reduce handling errors, while the inexperienced opposition struggled to keep the ball in their hands. The sudden downpour turned the pitch into a swamp within minutes, but soggy shoes and sticky trikots didn't stop Munich from collecting another 5 touchdowns on their way to the final victory and the Capital Cup 2009. The team celebrated in style with diving practice through the many puddles, which resulted in a priceless team photo after the match!
Besides the playing achievements of the team, four referees from Munich also passed their Level 1 referee on-field assessments, after completing the theory course several weeks ago. Congratulations to Anita Piringer, Katharina Schuette, Keith Baxter and Renat Iskakov for this achievement. We are also very glad that they will be able to further assist in the development of the sport of touch rugby.

Post-match highlights included an unusually high number of “dangerous pints”, especially on Mr. Ball's side of the table. Those who made it to the field on Sunday were treated with a Touch Deutschland meeting, followed by a short, fun and useful coaching session with two Wales national players.

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