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2007 Annual Review Print E-mail
Contributed by Lok Man Ho   
Tuesday, 15 January 2008

2007 was a year of success and progress for Touch München. Not only was it marked with on-field triumphs and tournament wins, but away from the competition was where the differences were felt. Some members attest that there were more members in a working bee meeting at the end of the year than there were players training during the week one year ago. This dramatic increase in membership has allowed Munich to remarkably field two teams in an away tournament, the German championships in Berlin. Munich is also building on their reputation of the most socially flamboyant team as well ... but before we get carried away with the social side of the group, let's get go back to the beginning of the 2007 touch calender for this year in review.

Before any serious playing began, a referee course was conducted in April. Thanks to the patience of Gideon and Amanda, Munich now has 3 extra qualified referees – Bob, Simon and Lok Man, bringing the total to six. Shortly after this Munich and Vienna competed against each other in a friendly match in the English Gardens, which represented the first competitive match for the Viennese team. We are glad to have been able to help with their development. At the same time, Touch on Sundays was becoming ever more popular, often with enough players for two games. This is very encouraging for the team!

Over the Pfingston long weekend in May, a national team training course was held at the Bavarian National School in Munich. With non national team players also allowed to attend these free training sessions, the Munich players too advantage of this fantastic learning opportunity and flocked to the sessions to grasp some new tips and tricks. A season opening party was also held on this weekend.

Now to the start of the tournament calender. The first tournament was held in Cologne in June. Still without a tournament win, the Munich team was hungry for success. Through the excellent performance of first-time tournament players and the experience of the seasoned players, we were able to triumph over the home team in the final with a convincing score of 5-1. Together with the later tournament triumph in Munich in August and placing as the first German team in Frankfurt in October (behind the UK and Switzerland teams), Munich proudly snatched the win of the Super Series to put into the trophy cabinet.

As mentioned previously, the Munich team organised a tournament on 18th August in the suburb of Hebertshausen, about 20 km north of the city centre. The tournament was well attended by 8 teams and was carried out over two fields. The players were treated to a day of splendid weather, and the tournament was a great success. A special thanks to the organising committee from Munich for making this happen and SpVgg Hebertshausen for the use of their excellent facilities. Congratulations also to our Regie who was named as one of the players in the Mainland Europe touch team which played friendly matches to promote the game of Touch Rugby in Europe.

Halfway through the season in July, the German tournaments took a short break as the national team travelled to Paris for the Greenstone-Hook tournament. Traditionally a cup between German and France, it was extended to other national teams this year. Congratulations to the German womens team who took first place, while for the mens team it was a learning experience with many new players. The Greenstone Hook went down to the wire – a draw in the mixed match was just enough to give France the cup victory. Many Munich players took part in the German national team and it was a lot of fun.

The crown jewel of the German touch calender is without doubt the German Championships. This was held on the weekend of 15th and 16th September as a two day tournament, with Munich and Berlin both fielding two teams. With the home ground advantage Berlin fielded a very strong team and narrowly beat Munich by 6-4 in the final to take the German Championship. The Munich Pirates managed to get some revenge by beating the Berlin Barbarians, so in the end it was a successful trek up north from the Munich team.

After the draining preparations for the Berlin tournament (it's all relative!) the team took to the Wies'n for a few beers at the Oktoberfest. Not long after was the Christmas touch party in December where the players awards were handed out (see another post) and all had a good feast. Just before the party on 8th December was the historic moment when the constitution for Touch München e.V. was signed by the founding members ahead of a move to become a registered club for the year 2008. Things are only looking up from here!

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